Best Brands For Badminton Rackets 2021 List: Top 8 Worldwide

In this post, you will discover the top 8 manufacturers, company and best brands for badminton rackets worldwide in 2021 with history and recommendations. We tested and reviewed multiple rackets in the world to prepare our best brands of badminton rackets list. Products from these companies are easily available in the USA, UK, Canada as well as south Asian nations like India, China, etc.

best brands for badminton rackets 2021

Best Brands For Badminton Rackets in 2021

As we already know that there are hundreds of brands selling rackets, the most important tool for a player. Among them, this list contains only the best sellers that professional athletes around the globe prefer. Alright, let’s check out the ultimate review of the top badminton racket companies in the world.

 1. Yonex 

yonex logo
yonex logo

Yonex is the #1 on our brands list and the world leader in sports equipment due to multiple reasons. The company itself is 74 years old in the business. It introduced the first badminton racket design in 1969 that was made from aluminum. In 1992, the Isometric 500 racquet came with a wider square frame to increase the area of the sweet spot for better striking.

Yonex has hosted the U.S Grand Prix Open Badminton Championship multiple times since 2007 after teaming up with OCBC. It has partnered with Badminton World Federation Organization and also a sponsor for the ‘All England Badminton Championship’. They are truly the best badminton racket company in world having a total of 4 series of racquets as listed below.

  1. Nanospeed
  2. Armotech
  3. Muscle Power
  4. Carbonex

 2. Dynamic Shuttle Sports 

DSS is a very popular brand for beginners that provides badminton rackets at very cheap and affordable rates. The Ares Red 68 premium model from Dynamic Shuttle Sports is one of the most purchased products online. Most of the racquets provided by DSS come with a cover to protect the tool from external damages. They mainly use graphite and carbon fiber in the construction for the final product making it as light as possible.

Again, looking at the ratings for DSS, they’ve received more positive reviews. The ones with downvotes are the players expecting advanced rackets for tournaments. In our opinion, DSS rackets are best suited for learning and practicing purposes if you are new to the sport. They are extremely affordable and almost provide the comfort & handling like an expensive good. The hottest & top-selling products from Dynamic Shuttle Sports are:

  • Ares Red 68
  • Hyperion KV-100
  • Titan G-Force 7

 3. Victor 

victor logo - best brand for badminton racket
victor logo

VICTOR is a Taiwanese company that manufactures sports products for all level players such as badminton & tennis rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, etc. Moreover, the Badminton World Federation also considers Victor as the best supplier for the industry. BWF is an official governing body for badminton sports as recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The company was established in 1968 and later in 1992, they also launched a product center in China. Victor is associated with Badminton Oceania, sponsoring 2 national teams, and 9 players worldwide. Their subsidiaries are also located in Europe and North America. The Victor Bravesword 12 is a five-star racket that many champions use to win the world title. Some of the popular badminton racquets from Victor are listed below:

  • Bravesword 12
  • Arrow Power 800 / 9000 series
  • Ultramate 6
  • Victor AL 2200

 4. Wilson Sporting Goods 

wilson logo
wilson logo

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Wilson is a highly reputed US company that has been serving athletes for 108 years since 1913. Not only for badminton, but Wilson also produces goods for golf, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more. They started off by manufacturing strings for tennis rackets, violin, and sutures. Wilson later turned out into producing badminton rackets as the business grew.

Although they don’t often release advanced expensive rackets, the Wilson Fierce C 1600 is one of the hardest strikers for intermediate athletes available at a very cheap cost. Most of the Wilson rackets acquire control balance features with pinpoint accuracy when smashed with a great effective hitting force. They arrive with a super light stable handle, wrap, T-Joint Frame, and quad shape head. Some of the famous badminton racquets from Wilson Sporting Goods are:

  • Fierce c1500
  • Wilson Matchpoint
  • Fierce 250
  • Recon 250

 5. Li Ning – Best Badminton Racket Manufacturers in China 

li ning logo - best badminton racket manufacturers in china
li ning logo

Based on the name of a former Chinese retired gymnast, Li-Ning is one of the best badminton racket brands that was founded 32 years ago in 1989. Asides from supplying sports goods, Li-Ning has also signed a sponsorship deal with Indian professional badminton player Srikanth Kidambi and female player Pursarla Venkata Sindhu who won the 2019 world championship on the BWF circuit. They are also operating the business in different parts of the world such as India, Singapore, and the United States as well.

Similarly, among the top products, the G Tek model is one of the finest, flexible, and lightweight racket from Li-Ning which offers cut shots and extremely fast swings. Most of the Li-Ning racquets are made from carbon fiber and graphite material so constructed that they provide slim design, aerodynamic shape, and balanced stiffness. Our recommendations for Li-Ning badminton models are:

  • G Tek II series
  • Turbo Force 1000
  • U-Sonic 57 & 67 Series
  • Windstorm 78SL IIII

 6. Ashaway 

Ashaway mainly produces racquet strings of the world-class finest quality in bulk that are BETA Polymer and braided multifilaments. The Superlight 79 SQ racquet has a reputation for being the most loved one in the company. It is made up of materials of titanium and graphite with a 2.07oz lightweight frame suitable for players of intermediate skill level. Ashaway is an established brand with good reviews from customers mainly in the United Kingdom and the US.

Below are the popular rackets & string sets developed by Ashaway:

  • Powernick 18 Squash
  • Superlight 79SQ
  • Crossfire II
  • Supernick XL

 7. Carlton 

carlton sports logo
carlton sports logo

Carlton Sports is another best brands in badminton rackets that also sells tennis equipment. Nathan James Robertson is a popular name, a retired badminton athlete, who won medals at the Olympic games using Carlton Fireblade Tour racket. In the same way, Carlton has sold the highest amount of nylon shuttlecock worldwide. The Carlton rackets are best to land some aggressive shots with a perfect smash in an aggressive style.

In our recommendation list, below are the top Carlton badminton rackets:

  • Carlton Maxiblade 4.3
  • Aeroblade 2000
  • Aeroblade 400 Isometric

 8. Babolat 

babolat logo
babolat logo

Babolat is a French sports accessories brand founded in 1875 that provides various squash, tennis, and badminton equipment. The Babolat products such as rackets and strings are used by multiple record holders and champions worldwide. Babolat was initially famous for tennis racquets such that Rafael Nadal, the #3 ranked tennis athlete in the world, used Babolat AeroPro to win a tournament in 2007.  It operates in all parts of the world including Europe, Japan, North America, as well as the United States.

The Babolat Satellite Gravity 74 is known as one of the lightest badminton rackets in the industry with 74g weight. It is made of HM Graphite & carbon fiber. Most of the Babolat products are found in multiple colors and string versions. They use a slim T Shaft which increases the aerodynamic resistance by 11%.

Similarly, the top Babolat racquet models include:

  • Satellite Gravity 74
  • Prime Essential Blue
  • X-Feel Origin Lite

Best badminton racket brands in India

Similarly, we have prepared our separate list for users in India looking for the best brand. This countdown is prepared based on the user reviews and the number of racket products sold in India. Most of these are local companies whereas some are international sellers. Here we go:

  1. Apacs
  2. Li-Ning
  3. Yonex
  4. Feroc
  5. Cosco
  7. Rohit’s Imagine
  8. Bobby Sports
  10. Rajsu


which brand is best for badminton racket?

When it comes to the extreme power and smash requirements, Yonex is the best badminton brand. For beginners, Dynamic Shuttle Sports rackets are the best. For intermediate players, we recommend Wilson. Besides them, Li Ning, Carlton, Babolat, etc. are equally popular brands. We can't specify a single brand as the best because it depends upon the requirements of the player as what works for one might not work for the other. Factors like skills, experience, budget, athletic abilities, etc. play a role while deciding a racquet.

Which is the most powerful badminton racket?

Yonex Nanoray 10F is the most powerful racquet with sharp shots, extra extended sweet sport for large areas, and heavy smashes. Besides that, Yonex Voltric Z Force II is also a good candidate.

What is the best weight for a badminton racket?

Again, there are different categories of rackets and the best weight for you can be decided by checking the balance and your wrist abilities to hold, the one that does not create fatigue in arms while playing. Generally, racquets of weight between 80 to 100 grams are considered the best.

Which badminton racket is best for smash?

All the rackets from the Yonex Astrox series, mainly Astrox 77 and Nanoray 10F are considered the best for smashing the shuttlecock with heavy force and power.

Final Words

Last but not least, there are plenty of other brands such as Talbot, Karakul, Adidas, Protech, Yang Yang, and more that manufacture badminton goods. Despite being a design company, Adidas also often manufactures racquets. Well, that’s the end of our best brands for badminton rackets list for 2021. If you have any reviews, suggestions, or experience with any of the companies listed above, feel free to share them in the comments below. [c ya]

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