Best Badminton Racket For Doubles 2021 (Intense Reviews)

Make your gaming session strong with these best badminton racket for doubles in 2021 which are affordable yet offer high-end performance. The badminton racquets are the most significant valuable equipment for every player as the whole game is based on that product.

Regardless of your level of expertise in the game, you will always require the top rated badminton rackets to beat your court competitor. You already knew the use of rackets, so we are not going to discuss it. But we have highlighted the ten best doubles badminton racket in 2021 that are intense and hot in the market.

best badminton racket for doubles

Best Badminton Racket For Doubles in 2021

Racket NameRatingsPrice
Yonex Duora Z - Strike⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
CARLTON Kinesis Badminton Racquet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
WHIZZ Heavy Duty Badminton Racket⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racquet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐coming soon
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Senston N80 High-Grade Badminton Racquetcoming soon
. Trained Premium Quality Badminton Rackets⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex ArcSaber 11 Badminton Racquet
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
10. Victor Badminton Racket⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1. Yonex Duora Z- Strike

When you visit the market, you’ll see that most of the best badminton rackets are manufactured by “Yonex”. The world badminton champion Viktor Axelsen has also experienced Yonex for years in his badminton career.

The Duora Z Strike is an excellent performance Yonex badminton racquet that offers maximum power with high flexibility. Moreover, the racket features a rigid structure that supports strong smashing power with high-end accuracy. You can control each swing and stroke all over the game with this most stability provider racquet. The balance comes from moving aptitude while playing doubles which is helpful throughout the court session.

Talking about the power, it is really needed to have the ultimate performance in court as more power is equal to less man effort required that leads to easy and light gaming sessions. Coming to the handling of badminton racquet, the grip of the product is essential because the hold is there. It is preferred if you went for an option that provides a smooth, sweat-free, and clear grip. This results in very less reaction time in the game so any distraction can take a U-turn. This badminton racquet for doubles features a sophisticated, clear, and gentle grip without any discomfort.

  • Powerful racquet
  • Provides comfort
  • Good in control
  • Maneuverability
  • Good in defending and attacking
  • Not much adaptive in start

In summary, Duora Z – Strike is the best racquet for both beginners and experts, providing the best gaming experience of your life. It requires less input and gives more output because of the power inability.

2. CARLTON Kinesis Badminton Racquet

Carlton is another top brand when it comes to the construction of badminton racquets. The main thing that reviewers or buyers always appreciate about Carlton products is reliability. This trustworthy product is especially recommended for those who are searching for an affordable yet consistent item which becomes a game partner for years.

There are different racquets manufactured for different types of badminton players. In this regard, the Kinesis badminton racquet by Carlton is best suited for the players who are attackers of the game. In doubles, the principle of attacking is to make a decision that improves an opportunity or vacancies to play confronting shots like net kills or smashes.

The racquets are designed elegantly and offer a very symmetric geometry. The size of the badminton racquet is 765 millimeters with a heavy and strong head structure. The total weight of the frame equipped in this design is 86 grams which is neither too heavy nor too light. The tennis string tension defines the stiffness and wobbling of strings which is an important thing to consider as it comes in contact with objects. This racquet offers 18 to 28 lbs string tension which is 11% higher than other products and provides a stiff or strong flex.

Plus, the grip size is also good for grabbing the racquet easily and comfortably. The racquet is also equipped with Vortex geometry that offers the highest moving ability than market competitors. So, for players interested in doubles games this is a perfect choice. Therefore we regard it as one of the best double badminton racket in 2021. Carlton Kinesis is also budget friendly and the best economical racket for dual courts.

  • Heavy head structure
  • String tension is good
  • Highest maneuverability
  • Elegant designing
  • Reliable
  • Less powerful, comparatively

Overall, the Kinesis Badminton Racquet by Carlton is a great choice for playing doubles. It is the best product if you are searching for movability as it has Vortex geometry which keeps you in pace.

3. Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2

This is another best badminton racket for doubles in 2021 by “Yonex” that will rock your game in a new style. The Voltric Z Force 2 offers high power that will boost your performance level to 2x great. This badminton racquet is recommended for experts as well as beginners considering its controllability which makes your gaming skills more efficient.

The smashing power is significant while delivering great shots or countering the upcoming one efficiently. If you are a badminton expert, then you can generate the force & control by yourself via lifting your arm. But not everyone is skilled enough to do this trick; thus, for this purpose, the Voltric Z Force brings a power within the racket that enables your attacking and defending ability more sophisticatedly.

This nice design premium badminton racquet will also impress you with its controllability. Unlike other market competitors in this category, the Z Force 2 can be used in all court areas. And precisely for doubles, it is one of the best badminton racquets which offer a lot of options with smooth performance.

  • Powerful
  • Sleek design
  • Flexible
  • Different color available
  • Controllability
  • Expensive

Your attacking and defending ability will be doubled with these Z Force 2 badminton racquets. You are now able to counter-attack with the great smashing force which will boost your gaming session.

4. Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racquet

One more great choice for badminton players by Carlton is Kinesis rapid badminton racquet which is constructed in an optometric design. It also offers a vortex geometry which refers to a phenomenon in which liquid or gas molecules travel in a circular path. At the point of center, there is a vortex line around which geometry swirls. The purpose of this equipment is to offer the moving ability to the badminton racquet.

Moreover, the micro grommet system is also installed in this product which is responsible for improved tension and repulsion overall. Plus, this system also offers higher durability as it secures the structure. Along with that, the ultrathin tapered shaft is fitted to reduce the product’s weight which contributes to better gaming and gripping.

In actuality, it is a powerful yet lightweight badminton racquet, which is easy to control and provides accelerated strokes. For a beginner, it might be difficult to start with this professional kind of racquet, but it is totally recommended for intermediate or expert level badminton players.

  • Lightweight
  • Balancing is good
  • Recommended for both singles and doubles
  • Symmetry is good
  • Powerful
  • Falls under the category of both expert and intermediate badminton racquet.
  • Might not be easy for beginners

This lightweight racquet is a beneficial product that offers powerful smashing with a smooth grip that will not disturb your level of comfort. It is one of the most affordable yet efficient badminton racquets in today’s market.

5. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

The Nanoray Z Speed badminton racquet by our very own Yonex manufacturers is an upgraded and newest product that is available easily in today’s market. It comes with excellent and extraordinary features which will be going to save you badminton career like a pro. Believe me or not, but there are no prominent negative customer reviews about this product.

This solid, rigid and premium built racket will make you feel every shot or stroke and enable you to learn even more. Especially for the audience who are searching for soft grip and comfortable racquets that will not divert their focus from the game, this product is for you! It will push your performance with comfort and light style to a high-end level.

Not only that, but the racket also comes with high maneuverability and aims for high accuracy. For the experts, who can’t afford any resistance in their game this product is for them because it is a highly specialized structure that will make you boost the court.

  • Powerful
  • Excels at every position
  • Light product
  • Boost up the performance
  • Mobility
  • Beginners can’t handle easily without practice

Having a product that increases your overall performance is actually what every badminton player is looking for! The Yonex surely provides supremacy in this product.

6. Senston N80 High-Grade Badminton Racquet

The Senston N 80 high graded badminton racquet is constructed with carbon fibers that provide rigidity and produce a lot more durability, unlike others. This reliable piece is available easily in the market at a very affordable cost. If you as a badminton player need the best racquet for doubles game-play, then this one will quench your requirements as it fulfills all the characteristic boxes.

Playing a doubles game, you require quickness or agility for instant reactions to the upcoming shots from the opponent player or team. Thus, the badminton racquet must be lightweight so that it can flex immediately and will not make you tired even after a long gaming session. And as this racquet consists of carbon fibers, then it is obviously light unlike others so you can play in a free manner.

Moreover, the head of a racquet is constructed in isometric dimensions which enhances the total portability to strike the shuttlecock. The chance of losing the shot is shrunk while playing with these best badminton racquets. Along with that, the string attached to the head is based on 24 – 26 lbs string tension which features great hitting.

  • Lightweight
  • Isometric head geometry
  • Maximum striking rate
  • Best in performance
  • Nine colors available
  • Basic grip

The high-graded carbon fiber construction contributes to the performance. This badminton racquet is an extraordinary product which is surprisingly available at a very affordable price.

7. Trained Premium Quality Badminton Rackets

The trained premium-quality racquets for badminton are manufactured with very optimum and real dimensions. The design of the racket is strong and sturdy, which offers professional gameplay. The product is also lightweight and ideal support to intermediate-level badminton players as it requires less effort and gives more power to the shot.

This product is available as a pair of badminton racquets and an ideal gaming instrument, especially for doubles play. The statement from producers said that these racquets are designed for all kinds of badminton players to cover the maximum audience. These are for both purposes like training or professional games. Having such a versatile product is what we want for so long!

Moreover, these badminton racquets come with strings attached/ pre-strung so you as a beginner don’t get to worry about that. These are ready-to-use racquets that are beginners or users friendly. As these racquets are made with top-quality materials, so they are up to your durability and longevity standards—as some people don’t like to switch their racquets again and again because doing that will lose their potential.

Plus, you will get an LED-supported shuttlecock with these racquets as a deal for you. This enables the badminton lovers to enjoy their game at night also. The storage or racquet storing bag is also included in this package at Amazon, so you do have not to buy any additional essentials or neither have to pay for that.

  • Efficient gaming
  • Economical
  • LED supported shuttlecock
  • Include the Racket bag
  • Durable
  • Not highly powerful

This amazing racquet plus essentials deal is actually what the badminton players are waiting for. It possesses durability, flexibility, strength, and much more with an ultimate performance that will let you rock the court.

8. Yonex ArcSaber 11 Badminton Racquet

The Arc Saber 11 by Yonex is the upgraded or successive form of Arc Saber 10 produced by Yonex before. This badminton racquet is perfectly oriented as an all-rounder to serve a vast number of players efficiently. The Yonex is a great brand when it comes to badminton not only because of the popularity, but the materials used in the manufacturing of products are premium in quality which gives overall an aesthetic and durable finish to the product.

Without any conceding on agility, these badminton racquets promised to deliver enough power for bombing strokes which will let you play your dream game. This is because this product is made with carbon nanotubes which are one of the innovative materials that are used in making sports equipment and are promised to increase the stiffness and rigidity of a product.

The head of the racquet is based on isometric geometry that provides better defending strokes while playing. This is because it features a comparatively bigger sweet spot to strike the incoming cork. So there is a very less chance of missing any shot losing the game. The string tension in the head is 22 lbs. which is good enough to carry the cork and provides better controllability. Although, the racquet offers good balancing but is heavy-headed.

  • Aesthetic
  • Medium weight
  • Shot friendly
  • Isometric geometry
  • Carbon nanotube construction
  • String material quality could be better

Overall, this product is recommended for badminton players who often miss the shots while playing due to their racquets structure. This strong head racquet offers better strokes which will improve your gaming performance.

9. WHIZZ Heavy Duty Badminton Racket

The Whizz Graphite Badminton racquets incorporate a plan that works against scratches. The packaging of this racket incorporates pure graphite which helps in holding up all the more string strain. This guarded arrangement diagram shields the head from scratching additionally, which is an improvement with Badminton rackets.

Its isometric head shape passes on an enormous sweet spot, and the all out of the rackets come pre-hung and fuse a flexible shaft. This is to be sure a stunning selection of rackets for family fun, recreational players, and fitness lovers. The score of the racket is connected by a rate of 2 mm so the string remains all around ensured about inside.

The shaft of the racket is likewise made using a pure graphite sheet which renders it unimaginably high flexibility and a quick reaction rate. The racket comes as a great deal of two with breathable handles and a racket sack, to pass on and store them beneficially.

  • Easy handling
  • Pure graphite construction
  • Larger sweet-spot
  • Pre-strung
  • Intact
  • Little expensive

This easily handled badminton racquet made with pure graphite that gives rigidity and durability to the product. The racquets come in a pre-strung form with a beautiful, intact design.

10. Victor Badminton Racket

The Brave Sword 12 is the best racket to go for starting at now accessible with the mind-boggling plan and advancement it features. The valuable stone condition of the racket cuts through the air with an irrelevant deterrent, accordingly conveying persuading and unsurprising shots that are intentionally controlled and exact.

As it is proposed for use when playing in twofold games, the Brave Sword 12 goes with an ideal head balance planned for swinging in persuading shots. As it goes with strong string strain, it ends up being somewhat basic also to hit the van at an unbelievably high weight, thus making brisk and incredible shots. The strings are furthermore impenetrable to various atmosphere conditions and effects, as the racquet is normally strong.

One of the central matters of interest of the Brave Sword 12 is the way that it goes with an inventively and imaginatively arranged handle. The grip moreover allows players to hold the racket rather effectively in the hands without focusing on their muscles or even explanation inconsequential and amazing strain to the palm. What is commonly unusual and exceptional about this model is that it is a nice option for amateurs, as it doesn’t accurately need any specific capacities to manage and utilize it.

  • Better handling
  • Smooth grip
  • Perfect balancing
  • Powerful
  • High-end construction
  • Beginners can’t handle the power

The best thing about these racquets is the resistance it provides against different weather forms, and it is also most suited for players who love immediate or instant shots.


Which are the best badminton rackets for doubles?

The best-suited product totally depends on individual preferences, but following our research, Yonex manufacturers provide the high-end specifications of badminton racquets.

What are the two important qualities to consider before buying the best badminton racquet for doubles?

There are a lot of chief factors which need consideration, but if we have to name only two, then its string tension and weight of badminton racquet which really influence the gaming performance.

What is meant by string tension of badminton racquet?

The string tension of a badminton racquet determines how loose or tight are the strings attached to the head of the racquet. It must be your prior consideration because your attacking and defending acts depend upon it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are multiple best badminton racket for doubles available in today’s market. But you have to keep in mind that it is necessary to check all key points before which contribute to the performance of the product. For you all, we have gathered the three most top picks in the category of best badminton racquets for doubles:

  • CARLTON Kinesis Badminton Racquet is the best badminton racquet for doubles and offers great moving ability with vortex geometry that supports efficient gaming.
  • Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket is a product that enhances the performance with the great supremacy and design installed in it.
  • Senston N80 Badminton Racquet is an affordable racquet that is based on carbon fiber construction which facilitates high-end gaming.

Popular and best-known brands manufacture enlisted products. But we did not categorize these based on a brand name, but, these are selected on a performance basis. However, all these racquets are best in their own way. But you have to decide yours based on personal experience, requirements, and preferences.

Happy Gaming!

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