Top 10 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets 2021 (Exclusive Reviews)

Welcome to the best yonex badminton rackets 2021 list of the top-performing quality products. After doing in-depth market research, testing the rackets, reading reviews from customers, we present you with a complete list of the best yonex badminton rackets.

Having hard times smashing shuttlecock while playing your favorite game? Smashing for doubles or singles can be tough without a quality racket. Not anymore. Hold on, sit back, and relax, as we are here to save your money, arms, and the game.

best yonex badminton racket 2021 reviews & buyer guide

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets of 2021

When it comes to buying a racquet, many factors & questions arise to choose the best badminton racket of Yonex that can fulfill your athletic abilities, experience, and needs. But never compromise quality over price because you deserve the best. Will it be suitable for doubles or singles? What if it is designed for professional players only? Or, I just want a durable racket for beginners that lasts longer, here we present everything for your needs.

Alright, let’s start the list.

List of Best Yonex Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric Z Force II⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Astrox 88 S⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Arcsaber 11⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Astrox 88 D⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Duora 10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Astrox 99⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Duora Z Strike⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Arcsaber 10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Yonex Astox 22⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

Top Picks

Top Pick 1

1. Yonex Astrox 88 D

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

  • legitimate high quality racket
  • best for doubles
  • Energy boost cap and rotational generator system

Top Pick 2

2. Yonex Arcsaber 10

Ratings: 5 out of 5

  • Best string, beautiful, and powerful
  • Ultra PEF Shaft
  • Enhanced flexibility and balance due to high quality material

Top Pick 3

3. Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

  • Complete power packaged beast
  • Light but made for advanced pro players
  • Best for maneuverability in long rear courts

1. Voltric Z Force 2

Power-Packed Compact Beast – best Yonex badminton racket ever for smash
yonex voltric z force ii

Voltric Z Force II is one of the top-performing Yonex brand badminton rackets that is recommended by professional and experienced players. It is the most powerhouse racket in the series perfect for extra heavy smashes. With its aerodynamic shaft design painted in classical black metallic composition, the shots are more accurate and stable in the air.

The construction materials are HM Graphite, Tungsten, Nanometric, Sound Filter, and Ex-HMG. It is made from a grip of 4G/4U size, isometric shape, and maximum string tension of 27 pounds. The balance point of Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is 305 mm +/- 3.

Let’s check out its pros and cons.

  • For smashing in placement
  • Smooth Swing & accurate strikes
  • Very Light and Flexible with powerful clears
  • Suitable for long shots and rear courts
  • Well defense performance
  • Good maneuverability
  • Well balanced handling
  • For experienced players
  • Strong power in arms required to control
  • Requires extensive care due to fragile frame
  • Practice required for adaptation due to small head


2. Nanoray Z Speed

The best powerful & fastest racket with a lightening fast swing speed.
yonex nanoray z speed

As its name shows, Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is a high-quality badminton racket with extreme quickness and responsive speed. They increase the swing rate by 10% than other racquets making a world record in 2013 for the fastest smash. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we have put Z Speed second on our list.

Since the racket is now equipped with a brand new Aero frame, the repulsions are more enhanced in the upgraded version. The construction materials are   X-FULLERENE, H.M. Graphite, Nanometric, Ex-HMG, and Sonic Metal.

Nanorazy Z-speed, made in Japan, is a headlight balance racket with stiff flexibility. It has a weight of 3U and grip size of G4. The maximum string tension is 27lbs and a shaft of 673mm.

  • For smashing in placement
  • Smooth Swing & accurate strikes
  • Very Light and Flexible with powerful clears
  • Suitable for long shots and rear courts
  • Well defense performance
  • Good maneuverability
  • Well balanced handling
  • For experienced players
  • Strong power in arms required to control
  • Requires extensive care due to fragile frame
  • Practice required for adaptation due to small head


3. Astrox 88 S

Durable Isometric Frame – 100% satisfaction.
astrox 88s best yonex badminton racket

Another amazing racket that comes from Yonex yet 100% money value worth. It includes a heavy head with an isometric aero-box frame for smashing in doubles. Despite being a head heavier beast, it is lighter at the same time, suitable for the frontcourt. It has both vertical and horizontal strings knotted to make the most effective contact with shuttlecock.

Mostly, players use Astrox 88s to gain higher control over the direction of the shuttle. The medium-flex 5mm length of the shaft also increases the range to hit the target with more reach. Also, the aerodynamic design makes it easy to provide resistance against the air force. It comes in an emerald green color with an overall racquet weight of 3U and 4U.

  • Carbon material for multiple flex points
  • Suitable for offensive gameplay
  • Equal distribution of weight on each part of the racket using the counterbalance theory
  • Nanomaterials absorb energy to create explosive force when hitting
  • Made for advanced and professional players
  • Maybe expensive


4. Arcsaber 11

Legendary powerful & slender Yonex racquet.
yonex arcsaber 11

This powerful Yonex badminton racket comes with an ultra PEF shaft and Neo CS Carbon Nanotube. It includes 3U string and weight with G4 grip size that is extremely comfortable for players of all levels. It is completely designed to increase repulsion with inch-perfect accuracy that you don’t have to fear.

This racquet is trusted for counter-attacking with increased speed and power. It is famous for its superior balance during placements with a flexible frame despite being a power-based tool. Arcsaber 11 increases the precision and speed of the attack working like a perfectionist to turn defense into offense. The weight and string are 3U with grip size of G4.

  • greater repulsion power
  • Sonic metal frame
  • T-anchor material for reducing torque
  • strong flexibility & perfect weight
  • long and durable shaft
  • perfect for doubles in the defensive court
  • For an advanced and intermediate level player
  • Need skills to master for beginners


5. Astrox 88 D

Easy smashing from the backcourt with less effort using rotational generator system.
yonex astrox 88 d

In the list of the best racket for badminton yonex, this beast comes with the energy boost cap that reduces energy loss in arms without twisting the shaft. The rotational generator design increases power & control giving an extra advantage during playoffs. These forceful features give more power in the shots without compromising with controls.

Astrox 88D is built with Namd, Tungsten, and nanometric HM Graphite. It comes in ruby red color and weighs in the category of 4U with a grip size of G5. The maximum string tension is 28 lbs and rotational head heavy balance with stiff flexibility of the shaft.

  • Recommended racket for doubles
  • Good for power play
  • Relief in arms due to energy boost cap
  • Rotational Generator System, for control
  • Suitable for players, especially females and kids, who suffer fatigue in hands.
  • One of the best yonex badminton rackets for beginners.
  • Despite being lightweight, it is made for intermediate and pro players.
  • Requires skills to handle correctly.
  • Maybe expensive.


6. Yonex Duora 10

Strong, Precise, and Good Purchase – Five Star racquet.
yonex duora 10

According to the data that we’ve got from our research, it is clear that Yonex Duora 10 is one of the top 10 best Yonex badminton rackets and top-selling for a reason. It comes with a box-shaped aerodynamic dual face design to act as a combination of 2 in 1 racquet. The dual optimum system improves control for both forehand and backhand drives.

Duora 10 is made from nitinol fiber, HM graphite, and nanometric DR material for shaft & frame. It is evenly balanced with 3U weight & g4 grip size. The shaft flexibility is stiff with an isometric frame of a large sweet spot. The original Duora 10 racquet is made in Japan.

  • Excellent drives from both forehand and backhand
  • Aerodynamic and faster response
  • Designed for power to save hand strength
  • Improves defense
  • For professional and intermediate players
  • Price could be expensive


7. Yonex Astrox 99

High class original best professional quality racket with good controls.
yonex astrox 99

Coming down to our list, it’s Astrox 99 because of it’s good controls, durability, and original quality material. Buyers say it fuels power for aggresive backcourt play, very well said statement. Whether you are going to play in a singles match or doubles multiplayer, Astrox 99 is the perfect choice ever.

Plus, it is made for players who love to hit a devastating smash through a steeped angled shot, no matter which court you are. Well, honestly, this is the original made in Japan racquet with a maximum string tension of 30 pounds.

The shaft and frame of Yonex Astrox 99 are made from Namd, Tungsten, Nanometric & HM Graphite. It comes with a stiff frame of different weights and sizes including 3U/G5 & 4U/G5. The balance point is 9 making it head heavy with a square in isometric shape.

  • Offensive strikes
  • Stiff flexibility
  • Comes with full cover
  • Counterbalance theory application
  • Nanomaterial shaft stores energy and explodes with heavy shots
  • For rapid hit
  • For advanced players
  • Physical fitness is necessary for random hard shots.


8. Yonex Duora Z Strike

Superb racket with a classic design for professionals.
yonex duora z strike

One of the most stylish, sound, and good feel racket available in the market, without compromising on quality. Duora Z Strike is among the best yonex badminton rackets in the world recommended by plenty of players. This amazing racquet has a very beautiful handle with a slick design, and powerful for smash and clear shots.

If you have a habit of playing with wider frames, it takes a few games to practice and adapt to Z Strike. The dual optimum system makes it light and fast for easy counter shots that will fulfill your expectations. The latest manufacturing technology used by Yonex brings massive power in the backhand and prevents slow performance.

It is made from high flexibility graphite and tungsten frame with the shaft. The average weight is 4U (83 g.) and two grip sizes of G4 & G5. Duora Z Strike looks classic stylish in different colors, including royal and ice blue. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons for more details. The balance point is 8 (even-balanced) with a square head (isometric).

  • New 8 linked grommet for more power.
  • Hyper-MG graphite material for a quick return of drives.
  • Horizontal-A & T-anchor concept for more accuracy & stiffness.
  • Mid range and All-round beast.
  • Advanced level.
  • Slightly expensive


9. Yonex Arcsaber 10

Aggresive racket for touch play and control.
yonex arcsaber 10

Forget ordinary rackets, Arcsaber 10 is the next level equipment that is savage and stable in dual courts. It comes with the Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube technology responsible for high accuracy, control, power, and maneuverability. This also absorbs energy and recoils will full strength during shuttle impact.

It is on our list because it provides quick cutoff and faster exchange reaction due to a stable balance in light head & heavy grip in the long shaft. World-class players like Taufik Hidayat once won the US Open championship using Yonex Arcsaber 10 racquet.

The frame and shaft are made from materials like Super HMG, Ultra PEF, H.M. Graphite, and CS Carbon Nanotube. Its specifications are:

  • Stiff flexibility
  • White and red color
  • Even Balanced
  • G5 grip size
  • 3U weight
  • Play long games without fatigue
  • Quicker movement due to light head
  • Good for placements
  • Excellent flexibility and moving ability
  • Accurate shots
  • For all round covering: offensive and defensive
  • 10/10 on defensive shots
  • Not a power racket for heaviest smashes
  • String tension needs care


10. Yonex Astox 22

Economical & lightest racket by Yonex ever.
yonex astrox 22 badminton racket

Without compromising on quality, Astrox 22 is the most economical & budget friendly yonex badminton racket in the market. It is one of the favorite rackets recommended by players of all ages and levels. If you are running out of budget to buy expensive premium rackets, go for Astrox 22.

Despite being relatively cheaper, this racquet is made from the exact same technology and materials as previous ones. The single-pass grommet holes give more space to add extra stringing space. The company declares it as the lightest racquet ever made from their brand. It is painted in mat black color & uses the same Rotational Generator System for non-stop attacks.

Construction Material: NAN OMESH NEO, Tungsten, H.M Graphite


  • Stiff flex
  • 2F (67g) weight
  • G5 grip
  • 20-18 lbs string tension
  • Head Heavy balance
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • Torque free frame
  • Uses boost cap to increase bending power
  • Lightest Yonex Badminton racket
  • Counterbalance theory applied
  • Easy to control
  • Cheap with quality
  • Needs more care, being extremely light
  • Handle & grip requires practice


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best yonex racket?

Voltric Z Force II is the hardest hitter quality product in the entire series for intermediate and professional players. Besides that, GR 303 blue is one of the best budget Yonex badminton rackets made for purely beginners as anyone can afford it. It is also the highest-selling for newbies as the price is relatively low.

2. Why is Yonex best badminton rackets?

Unlike any other brands, Yonex rackets are made from the latest technology and materials that stand out. Their balance points are well researched and pinpoint accurate with an appropriate sweet spot at the time of construction. Most of them use ultra PEF shaft and high modulus graphite that increases the durability of rackets even provides protection when clashed on hard surfaces. That is why Yonex rackets are also some of the most expensive tools in the industry and premium choices for big tournaments.

3. Why is Yonex so expensive?

As mentioned previously, Yonex is made from the highest standard premium materials, technology, and design. Their stiffness, weight, balance, and string tension are among the finest of the finest that the industry has to offer. If you want to get the best products, then you have to compromise on quality as the prices for top raw materials to build these tools are also high. Yonex rackets have proven to meet the necessary requirements and features that allow the athletes to compete and win in international leagues. That's why Yonex rackets are so expensive as they are well-researched by the production team and made from the most costly raw materials.

4. How do I know if my Yonex racket is original?

There are multiple ways to check if your Yonex racket is original or not. First of all, when you receive the product, peel the handle covered with protective plastic. There you will find a code that represents the date of construction (D/M/Y) and manufacturing country. You can check the vendor website to verify that the code matches, otherwise it's fake. You can even contact the original website and mail them the code to make sure that it is manufactured by the right company. Be careful that some rackets lack the country code and might also have details of grip printed. They are also genuine, just made for different reasons of marketing and selling areas, nothing to worry about. Plus, there's also a serial number printed on the shaft, make sure to check that as well. Yonex also provides a hologram sticker with a company logo on the cone of the racket. In this way, you can check the authenticity of Yonex badminton rackets.

Final Words

These were the best Yonex badminton racket in the year 2021 that are ranked based on their quality, and performance. We have simplified it based on their advantages as well as disadvantages so that you invest the money on the right product. Since we do not buy such equipment daily, I hope this guide helped you distinguish between the good and the bad.

Now, it is your turn. Tell me, what is your favorite badminton racket of Yonex from the above list? Speak out loud in the comments below because it would be a pleasure to hear from you. [C U] 🙂

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